Maple Shade Farm

About Us

Maple Shade Farm is a beautiful 24 acre farm located in Groton Mass. Our farm has been family owned and run since the property was purchased in 1915.

With a passion for the land and the outdoors along with many years of trial and error, we have found our hearts to be in raising Boer Goats. In the past we have tried and succeeded at growing a variety of vegetables and flowers. Although our hearts were not in that aspect of farming. While we enjoy the benefits of our hard work, livestock is our passion.   We always knew that raising animals was part of our future, having raised many different animals including rabbits, pigs, chickens, cattle, and horses. We greatly enjoy having a variety of animals at the farm and at any given time you can find a variety of others roaming around. 

We have found goats to be the most easy going, personable animals with a real ability to reason and understand. We wanted to raise livestock who would utilize our land to the best of it’s ability. Boer Goats were the perfect fit for our lives, from companionship, to land clearing, to meat production and showmanship. They have fit every aspect of our farm.

Our herd is made up of registered full blood, purebred and percentage goats.
We have a variety of colors from traditional, paints, solid red or black, dapples & spotted.
In addition to offering quality breeding animals, we  also sell goat meat.
Goat meat is a very healthy alternative to red meats. It is low in calories, low in fat and high in protein. Goat meat is a very lean meat and has a delicious light flavor. None of our animals are raised with hormones or antibiotics. It is all natural and humane.

Our animals are all raised with love and respect from the moment they are born. We are the only 2 people who have regular hands on contact with our animals so with that kind of attention we know each animal personally.

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