Maple Shade Farm


Current Breeding Bucks

                  OHL AARON

#10424228 is a structurally correct, heavily muscled buck who consistently produces fast growing kids.
This buck has made a huge impact on our herd.
Crossed to any doe, he makes amazing offspring!


ABGA #10617564

We have had the amazing opportunity to co-own him with Stoney Acres Farm in NY.
Ranger has been a great asset to our breeding program. We have gotten very consistent kids.
We have decided to keep several of his daughters, so sadly Ranger is now For Sale!

              1GHF MSF TOP GUN

Sire : SpringBriar Yowlin Tomcat
ABGA# 10532683
Dam : MAX IM Sweet ABGA# 10431397
"Gun" is our Junior Herd Sire.
This buck has exceeded our expectations. He throws amazing kids!

              SAF PHANTOM

ABGA #10559551 is a son of Bon Joli Z007 aka Thunderball (a flushmate to Copperhead). Phantom has added tremendous length and color to our kid crops. We are very happy with the quality we get from him.

            SAF Bring on the Night

ABGA Pending 
This is our Junior herd buck. We are so excited to watch him mature. He will be used on a very select few does this fall breeding season.


Dom is a beautiful buck, heavy boned, tons of muscle and a roman head to die for! We are very excited to put this guy to work this year. He will be a game changer for our traditional Boer breeding program!


Reference Bucks

Red Hot Half-Time
# 10438577
This buck surely left his mark on our herd!
We have several of his daughters. They all are very pretty, very hardy does that continue to make beautiful kids each and every year.
MUM Trouble
Trouble was a great buck for us. We were truly lucky to have had the chance to have him. He has left a lasting mark on our herd by siring OHL Aaron, who continues to amaze us with gorgeous kids!
Springbriar's Yowlin' Tomcat #10532683.
Oak Hollow Livestock gave us the opportunity to use this awesome buck!
We couldn't be happier with the kids we had born. They get better each and every day!!

#10545278 is a heavy boned paint buck whose
 genetics include Ryals Topbrass *Ennobled,
SGR Brass Eggs and T4 Scorpio.
This buck is making very eye catching kids.
*Sadly we lost this magnificent buck 2014

All of our Bucks have been carefully selected for our herd. We look for breed correct, well muscled, fast growing boys, who make consistent kids. We want Bucks who will help us to make a superior animal who will thrive in all walks of life, whether it be showing, breeding or pets.
We choose to  only breed to Registered Full Blood Boer Bucks.  We are very selective who we sell and use when it comes to our breeding program.
We feel if we don't want to use it in our herd, we wont sell it to yours.
We are proud of all of the bucks we have used to help get us to where we are.

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