Maple Shade Farm


Cedar Run OHL Toni has produced some amazing kids for us over the years. She has been a wonderful addition to our herd!

One of our does with her twin doe kids. Good mothering is a must at our farm.

We have a herd of high quality Boer Goats.

  Several years ago we began to breed for spots, dapples, paints, reds & blacks.

Our main focus however is to produce fast growing, heavy muscled, breed correct Boers with excellent maternal abilities.

Our herd consists of ABGA registered percentages, purebreds and full bloods.

We are very proud of our accomplishments in the quality we produce.

1GHF Splash of Camo is a gorgeous doe! She is currently raising her first set of kids, and doing a great job!

1GHF MSF Spotted Eclipse is an eye catching doe! She surely turns heads!


When breeding or selecting does for our herd, we want does who will give birth to and raise kids with little or no assistance, no matter what the season. Our does are extremely hardy. They are all pasture based weather pending but have access to minerals, and feed that is formulated for optimum health and growth.

1GHF MSF Magic Trixx. 
88% Doe Sired by our paint buck "Picasso"
Trixxie was sold through the Boer Bash Sale in West Springfield to a great family in Hawley Massachusetts.
This doe took first place and Division Reserve Champion in her very first show debut!
We are very proud of her and the quality we produce!!

1GHF Lady Hawk
75% Doe Sired by our dappled buck Phantom
Lady is an awesome little doe who was purchased by Pride Mountain Farm in PA
She made her show debut last weekend. She won her class and then went on to win Division Reserve Champion. We couldn't be more proud of her!


Tabatha is one of our most favorite does. She is a registered 75% with her bloodlines going back to the Ennobled  Downen Pipelines Sparkplug. 
She continues to produce amazing kids year after year no matter who she is bred to. Her maternal abilities are amazing, and she has passed them on to her daughters. One of who is pictured below.

"MSF Splash of Camo" is a farm favorite!
She is out Tabatha ( pictured above ) and Red Hot Half-Time
 ( pictured on our bucks page under reference )
This doe kidded for the first time this past winter. We could not have been more proud of the job she did!

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