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We are very excited to be selling our very own farm raised broilers.

We have USDA whole birds and halved birds.

* Whole ~ $4.50/lb ( from 4.5-6.5lbs)
* Half ~ $5.50/lb ( 2lbs-3lbs )

We believe in using the animal to its fullest extent, so nothing goes to waste.

Hearts, livers, gizzards, necks and feet
 ~ $2.00/lb


We will sell our chickens live, ready to process if you prefer to handle that yourself, or packaged and ready for your freezer.

 If you are interested in buying chicken or being added to our waiting lists please drop us an e-mail.

Several times a year we raise Broilers. We choose to raise them in smaller batches, rather than hundreds at a time. For us this ensures the quality care, they need to thrive.

All of our chickens are raised in healthy, clean environments.
All of our birds are raised in the most natural way possible, and will never live in small cages or on wire.
We do not feed our chickens any hormones, or steroids.

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